An IDE for remote compiling and debugging UNIX and LINUX applications from Windows.
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Heat Map and Prism Map
Heat maps and Prism maps in Google Earth.
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Transmission PR
A Web Client for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon.
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DirectX programming

My first attempt with Direct 3D.
Builds a dynamic world with DirectX 7.0. Supports 3DS and MD2 models, and allows user defined objects and lights.
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My experiences with game script programming - featuring my very own scripting language and virtual machine.
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OpenGL programming

An incomplete MFC project with Quake MD2 model OpenGL rendering and editing capabilities.
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3D Studio plugins

3D Studio MAX 2.5 plug-in, which modifies the mesh using custom expressions.
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A 3D Studio MAX 2.5 filter that produces sub-title alike texts to the rendered image.
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Amiga Demos
My long forgotten Amiga demos. Code and executable for the Commodore Amiga computer (can be run using an Amiga emulator).
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Demo Source Code
My very first source code for the PC. Lots of assembler and Pascal routines. Fancy 3D graphics, polygon graphics, gouraud shading and a Wolfenstein engine in 500 lines of assembler/Pascal.
Check them out. These files were very popular many years ago.
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LED Frogger
The game of Frogger implemented on a LED display.
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PIR USB Keyboard driver
Building DIY Motion Detection hardware to wake up your PC.
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