SubTitle 3D Studio plug-in

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A 3DS MAX 2.5 filter that attempts to produce sub-title alike texts to the rendered image.

This plug-in is used via Video Post. Place it in the video post queue to add sub titles to your animation.

In the configuration dialog, the following settings modify the way the titles are applied:

Sets the text to be displayed

Places the text at this position.

The length of the gray/dimmed area if used.

The font to use. You can set all the properties you would like, 
including font size.

Gray area around text:
A box around the text will be grayed.

Dim area around text:
A box around the text will be dimmed.


Due to a hard-drive crash, I lost the source code for all my 3D Studio plug-ins. This included all my helper-classes. So after a few days of moarning I decided to quit developing 3D Studio plug-ins.

Installation Requirements

Kinetix 3D Studio MAX 2.5

Installation Guide

  • To install, copy SUBTITLE.FLM to your \MAX\PLUGINS directory.

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