DirectX Engine1

DirectX Engine1

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Engine1 is my first attempt to create a 3D rendering engine with hardware acceleration support. It uses the DirectX 7.0 API to handle the actual drawing - taking advantage of any 3D accelerated graphics card you may own.

To make the 3D world look just a bit exciting, I have added support for import of Quake MD2 models and 3D Studio files.

An XML file is used to build the world - making it very dynamic.
You can add additional lights, models and change textures simply by editing the XML document.


To see how to make simple 3D graphics without a pre-made 3D API, take a look at my Demo Code sample. Though very old, these samples show the basics of 3D graphics rendering.

Source Code Dependencies

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Microsoft DirectX 7.0 SDK
Microsoft XML 2.0 SDK

Useful Links

FlipCode - Game and Direct X programming site.

Download Files

DownloadSource Code (42 Kb)
Binary Files and sample models (462 Kb)