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Transmission PR
New Entry: A Web Client for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon.
Find out more here. (New Entry - Misc - 12/28/2020).

Changes: Release version 1.4: Just an update towards latest CryptLib library with SSL/TLS patches.
Find out more here. (Updated - Misc - 1/5/2019).

Flickr Drive
Changes: Finally implemented the OAuth v1 HMAC-SHA1 based login. The tool can login again.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 9/22/2018).

Routing in Seoul
Changes: Updated with info about Hong Kong and Tokyo
Find out more here. (Updated - NET - 4/14/2017).

Changes: Dusted off this 16yo project and ended up rewriting some of the most horrible parts.
Find out more here. (Updated - MFC - 8/12/2016).

Amiga Demos
Changes: Added Youtube video.
Find out more here. (Updated - GUI - 1/9/2016).

Routing in Seoul
New Entry: Writing an offline map and routing service for traveling in South Korea.
Find out more here. (Updated - NET - 7/14/2015).

PIR USB Keyboard driver
New Entry: Building DIY Motion Detection hardware to wake up your PC.
Find out more here. (New Entry - GUI - 6/20/2015).

Flickr Drive
Changes: Switched to secure HTTPS as required by Flickr now.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 6/12/2014).

TAR Folder
Changes: Thanks to Harry Wu for fixing the copy failure between two inplace folders.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 2/5/2014).

Flickr Drive
Changes: Fixed a problem with files not uploading on Windows 8.1.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 12/20/2013).

GMail Drive
Changes: A restructure of the official Google Mail login page caused problems.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 12/15/2013).

Spam filter
New Entry: Building your own e-mail spam filter.
Find out more here. (New Entry - Nodejs - 9/1/2013).

XML OLE DB Provider
Changes: Added 64-bit version. Several bug fixes and better XSD schema support.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 7/19/2013).

GMail Drive
Changes: Version 1.0.19 was released to solve a login problem for new users.
Find out more here. (Updated - ATL - 7/13/2012).

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