WTL WinXP UI and Script sample

WTL WinXP UI and Script sample

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This mock-up WTL sample contains a MDI project with some of my XP classes enabled. I've tried to build a small Macro Editor - although much of it is non-functional. However, the main purpose was to show how my classes are used.
And thanks to Ramon Casellas for suggesting several enhancements for a better XP look.

Currently the following classes are shown:

Command Bar XP

My classes for controls with XP look can be found here.

Other XP controls

Such as a ComboBox, ToolBar and StatusBar controls.

DotNet Tab

This is the CoolTabs controls. A custom painted window which takes the form of several tab controls. The original code for this control is available here.

Tabbed MDI Frame

Uses the DotNet Tab control to display tabs for MDI child windows.

Dialog Container / Tab

A simple control, which embeds dialog- and window-views into a Tab control. In this sample, a version without the tab frame is used in both the folder tree and in the Options dialog. More details here.

Docking framework

My classes for docking and floating views are described here. The sample uses a special version with XP-look.

Scripting sample

Demonstration of how you can integrate a scripting language (non DOT-NET) into your application. Uses my ATL Dynamic IDispatch class, which I think is one of the most nifty classes I've ever done.

Menu Shadows

An experimental class, producing small shadows behind popup menus.
Unlike my old Dialog Shadows class from the previous sample, this one works on all Windows versions.

Auto Hide control

My old Auto Hide control shined up a bit. I think there are some neat classes to be found on other source-sharing sites that can do a better job, so feel free to replace it with a more modern control

Options dialog with tree

An Option Dialog like the one in VisualStudio.NET. The sample demonstrates how simple it is to make one. It's just a few lines of code.

ToolBar Customization

Supporting the standard ToolBar customization dialog and persistance of toolbuttons.
Choose the Customize menuitem, double-click on the ToolBar or shift+drag toolbuttons to see it in action.

Keyboard shortcuts

Lets the user configure his/her own keyboard shortcuts to menu commands.

Property list

The Property List control is included. It's a listbox with editable properties.

Source Code Dependencies

Microsoft WTL 7.0 Library

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