Docked WTL UI sample

Docked WTL UI sample

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This mock-up WTL sample contains a MDI project with some of my more experimental WTL classes enabled.

Currently the following classes are used:

Docking framework

My classes for docking and floating views are described here.

Caption Painter

Paints a different window caption. Includes a specialized class of my generic CCaptionPainter class paints a flat looking caption. It re-engineers the functionality and layout of the standard buttons. And it removes the system menu and other of the weird never-used widgets of the normal Windows caption.

TaskBar Icon

Adds the application to the Windows Task Bar. Installs a new taskbar icon for the application, which reacts on mouseclicks by restoring the application window or presenting a popup menu. The main window is hidden when the application is minimized, but can be restored using the new taskbar icon.
More about the class here.

Auto Hide panel

My control is described in details here.

"Recent" Command Bar

An Office2000 version of the Command Bar menu.
It is an extension to the original WTL CCommandBarCtrl class. It adds "only show recent menu-items" capabilities to the menu bar.
Get more info about the control here.

Dialog Shadows

This Windows 2000 class adds tiny shadows around your dialog frames. The About dialog uses the shadows in this sample application.
The class compiles and runs under previous Windows versions too, but doesn't do anything useful.

RTF Tool Tip

Colorful and attractive tool tips using Rich Text formatted text.
Get the facts here.

Dialog View

Demonstrate how to use a dialog template as a view window. Fixes tab sequence and control focus issues.

Source Code Dependencies

Microsoft WTL 3.1 Library

See Also

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