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Theme Sync

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This is Theme Sync - Rotating Themes - an ActiveSync extension for Pocket PC 2003.

The ThemeSync extension is a Rotating Theme type application, allowing you to exchange your Pocket PC Today theme (background picture) at scheduled points in time. Because it is an ActiveSync extension, only around 11 Kb needs to be installed on the device plus the theme currently viewed. Only 1 theme is installed at any time, but every time you insert the device into the cradle it checks if a make-over is scheduled and downloads a new theme to the device.

The extension looks for themes in a folder you choose on your Desktop PC. It supports both TSK and ZIP files so you can download themes directly from the internet to the source folder. You can configure the extension to replace the theme at regular intervals, but most likely you will want to set it up to synchronize the files on a daily or weekly basis.

Please note that I currently have compiled this extension only for Pocket PC 2003 (XScale). You may also want to install the latest version of MS ActiveSync.

There are several public resources for themes to download on the internet. You may want to look at the following sites:
  PPC 4 You -
  Finger Tool -
  Pocket PC Themes -
  PDA Gold -


Click on the link below and download the setup program.
While installing, the CE Application Manager will prompt you to install the device files. At this point have your Pocket PC device in the cradle and connected with ActiveSync. Press the OK button to install the files.

Once installed, open the ActiveSync window (double-click on the icon in the taskbar if it is hidden). If you do not already see the "Rotating Theme" item in the list, open the "Tools / Options" menu in the ActiveSync window and find the "Rotating Theme" item in the list and enable it. Press the OK button to leave.

Let ActiveSync do its synchronization thing once more and right-click on the "Rotating Theme" item. Pick the "Settings" menu-item and configure the extension. Make sure to set a suitable "Picture Folder" where your downloaded themes are located. By default it points to the "My Pictures" folder under your "My Documents" area.

Only Pocket PC 2003 is currently supported.

Installation Requirements

Pocket PC 2003
Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7

Download Files  This software is free!

DownloadThemeSync Setup (120 Kb)

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