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PocketKiSS - a paper doll program which originally was developed for computers based on NEC PC-9801VM2 architecture in March 1991. Many people have enjoyed and implemented KISS for other computers. Now KISS is running on the Pocket PC as well.

So what is it

KiSS, the Kisekae Set System, is a fun and easy paper doll game for computer users. KiSS takes its name from the Japanese term kisekae ningyou which refers to playing dress-up with dolls. The KiSS paper doll game allows you to load any of hundreds of KiSS paper dolls on your computer and dress them in different clothes by using your mouse to click and drag the clothes.

The Viewer

The viewer appears under the Games folder on the device once installed.
After starting the viewer, you must choose a data set to load. By default, the viewer shows data sets which are located in the My Documents folder.
After choosing a data set, you can start manipulating the set. Use the toolbar buttons to load a new set, zoom in and out, to view the entire data set or to examine the cell properties. The File menu allows you to change set and palette.

The viewer supports standard cell files, but not CherryKiss files (64K colours). It implements all of the FKiSS v3 scripting commands. Translucent (transparent) cells are supported, and a subset of the FKiSS v4 specification as well (identifiers, groups and extended IF-THEN-ELSE constructs).

At the bottom of this page you can find links to some of the web-sites carrying free doll files for download. To add new files to the viewer, copy the lzh data set files to the Documents folder. The PocketKiSS application is usually installed in the \Programs\PocketKiSS folder on the device.


Title screen by Cal Callisto.
Sample data set by yav.

Platform support

This viewer has been compiled for PocketPC 2003 (XScale) only!

Source Code Dependencies

Pocket PC 2003
Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 4.0
Microsoft WTL 7.1 Library

Useful Links

Otaku World's Big KiSS Page
The invisible links page (many free dolls)

Download Files  This software is free!

DownloadPocketKiSS for PocketPC 2003 (108 Kb)
Source Code (63 Kb)

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