PDB Explorer

PDB Explorer

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This utility allows you to browse PDB files. PDB files are Windows Debug symbol files.

This little utility was developed for my IDE project, to inspect various PDB files. It lists the symbols found in the file in a tree, and attempts to group them by type. Populating the entire view can be a little slow as it happens in the background, so have patience. I didn't manage to complete the integration of PDB files into my IDE tool, but this utility may still be useful to some.

To run the tool you'll need to have the Visual Studio 2008 runtime files installed.
If you wish to compile the source code, you'll also need to DIA SDK, which contains the Microsoft libraries for accessing the sparsely documented PDB file format. This library should come with your Visual Studio installation, and if you wish to manually install there is a redistributable named vcredist_x86.exe among the VS installation files that can be launched. The runtime libraries and the DIA SDK is also available here.

Installation Requirements

Microsoft Runtime for VS 2008

Download Files

DownloadBinary File (47 Kb)
Source Code (23 Kb)