Focus Flasher

Focus Flasher

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A small utility I wrote to track down a bug in an ActiveX Document, which I did not have the source code to.
This utility will continuously track the focus input. It updates itself every second, displaying information about the window, which currently has focus. In a sense it is very similar to the popular SPY++ utility from the Developer Studio package, but it is easier to operate and may give you faster results.

The tool also offers a great way to track a tabbing sequence out of order in a Visual Basic form or document.


You may notice from the screenshot that someone in the Visual InterDev team didn't anticipate this little utility, when he forgot to rename the hidden window caption "Hi Mom".

Source Code Dependencies

Windows NT 4.0 SP4
Microsoft ATL Library
Microsoft WTL 3.0 Library

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DownloadSource Code and binary (32 Kb)