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The following common Windows data types and functions are wrapped in this file:
CAnimateWindow - Makes it safe to call this Win32 API even when the version of Windows doesn't support it.
CTransparentWindow - Adds the Windows 2000 alpha layer support to regular windows.
Resource API - Thin wrapper around the Windows Resource functions.
CWindowText - Wraps a window caption string.
CResString - A little LoadString() string wrapper.
CLangString - String class that supports multiple languages from the same module.
CModulePath - Wrapper around the GetModuleFileName() string.
CLoadLibrary - Thin wrapper around the LoadLibrary() API.
CWindowPlacement - WINDOWPLACEMENT wrapper.
CLockWindowUpdate - Automatic LockWindowUpdate() toggle.
CWindowRedraw - Automatic WM_SETREDRAW toggle.
CDeferWindowPos - Makes it easy to move multiple windows.
CWinProp - Windows Properties wrapper.
CWindowRect - Simple wrapper class around RECT and GetWindowRect().
CClientRect - Simple wrapper class around RECT and GetClientRect().
INI Files - Standard wrapper around GetPrivateProfileString() etc.

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