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The FileMess utility moves files from one folder to another using pattern matching.

The utility will scan a directory tree and move files to a new destination folder based on rules you set up. The rules are enforced by performing pattern matching on the filenames.
The pattern matching filters allow you to move files with distinct filename patterns to a particular destination folder.

The Source Code

This was my first WTL application. I tried to keep it simple and yet add as much functionality as possible to make it a fun application.

I added the ability to enhance the application by supporting add-ins, which are dynamically loaded. An add-in has the form of a custom DLL with a few predefined exports.
Add-ins can be activated from the main menu and may receive events from the application (such as project load and save events).

Code Features

  • Uses multi-threaded FindFirstChangeNotification notification. Triggers update when files are changed in the source directory tree.
  • Handles custom DLL add-ins using a simple C API.
  • Using the ::AnimateWindow() to alpha blend window opening in a safe way (ignored on nonsupported OS versions).
  • Using the ::GetDiskFreeSpaceEx() API safely.
  • Using the ::SHFileOperation() API to include the recycle bin in file operations.

Source Code Dependencies

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Microsoft WTL 1.0 Library

Download Files

DownloadFileMess install file (216 Kb)
Source Code (113 Kb)

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