Phone SIP

Phone SIP

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So I was thinking: If kids aged 13 can type SMS messages on their small cell-phones faster than I can type stuff using my hi-tech Pocket PC Hand Writing Recognition system, well, then I must be doing something wrong.

Thus I figured that it would be fun to try out how a cell-phone panel worked on a PPC. So this little experiment implements a SIP (Software-Based Input Panel), a kind of Pocket PC virtual keyboard, allowing you to write text using traditional cellphone input. The panel is still at a very early development stage - and not really complete in functionality, but it gives a general idea of how it would work out.
Actually, it's not very good! The result is quite disappointing. The panel is too small (my bad; the WinCE allows larger SIPs), but even worse, I lack the cozy feeling of rubber-buttons under my fingers when I tap around. Maybe if I add a little sound-effect, I can fool the brain into thinking there's actually a fat button being pressed at my finger-tip! Nah, don't think so...

There are a number of interesting custom SIPs available on the internet. For instance, take a look at this project. We Europeans (and most others) are complete amateurs in this field, because of course most Asian countries have been struggling with the problem of user-friendly Input Methods for ages. Not sure how they do it with all those glyphs to take care of. But have a look at this page for a bunch of funky SIPs.
And of course a number of Hand-writing recognition related material is also available if you want to improve your typing speed with a little code-exercise.

Source Code Dependencies

Pocket PC 2003
Microsoft ATL Library
Microsoft WTL 7.1 Library

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