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A small MFC class that wraps the Windows .INI configuration file API.

Break free of the limitations of the MFC app->WriteProfileString() programming style. With this little class you can easily access any .INI file on your hard-drive.


SetIniFilenameSets the current Ini-file to use.
GetIntReads an integer from the ini-file.
GetBooleanReads a boolean value from the ini-file.
GetStringReads a string from the ini-file.
GetBinaryReads a binaryt lump of data from the ini-file.
WriteIntWrites an integer to the ini-file.
WriteBooleanWrites a boolean value to the ini-file.
WriteStringWrites a string to the ini-file.
WriteBinaryWrites a binary lump of data to the ini-file.
WriteExpandStringWrites an 'expand string' to the ini-file.
DeleteKeyRemoves an item from the current ini-file.
DeleteSectionRemoves a complete section from the ini-file.


Yes, I could have made one Write() function with a bunch of argument overloads, but that's not possible for the Get() function (it returns data) and I wanted to make it consistent.

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Microsoft MFC Library
My Global MFC functions

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