CFileVersionInfo class

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CFileVersionInfo is a small MFC class that wraps the Windows File Version API.

The File Version Windows API can be used to examine any application's FILEVERSION resource. This resource is often used to check if a file is more recent during file copy operations.


OpenOpen file.
GetCommentsReturns the file version comment.
GetCompanyNameReturns the company name property.
GetFileDescriptionReturns the file description property.
GetFileVersionReturns the file's version.
GetInternalNameReturns the internal name property.
GetLegalCopyrightReturns the copyright notice property.
GetLegalTrademarksReturns the trademark property.
GetOriginalFilenameReturns the file's original name.
GetProductNameReturns the product name property.
GetProductVersionReturns the product version property.
GetPrivateBuildReturns the file's build flag.
GetSpecialBuildReturns the file's build status.

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Microsoft MFC Library
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