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Did you ever wish you could write ASP.NET pages in 80386 assembler? Will now you can with this blazing ASP.NET native language.
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Yet another scripting language.
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Client / Server
A simple client/server application. Supports TCP/IP, Named Pipes, HTTP (via ISAPI), OLE DB and ADO with SQL queries.
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Dialog Ed
Dialog Ed implements a dialog editor using the DHTML Editing Component.
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This MS Visual C++ 6.0 AppWizard adds automatic generated documentation in HTML Help to your ATL projects. Parses your IDL file for object hierarchy and method descriptions.
Use JavaDoc standard comments in your source code to add additional documentation.
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Docked UI
A sample project demonstrating my experimental WTL UI classes. It includes trendy classes such as the Docking Views, TaskBar Icon and Dialog Shadows classes.
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Three DTC controls to help HTML writers with layout and import problems.
One of the controls implements ASP-like scripting capabilities to allow design-time dynamic HTML creation.
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HTML Source Bar
A cool Internet Explorer 5 plug-in allowing you to examine the source contents of any HTML page. Shows parsed HTML, script code, style sheet source and image information of the current browser contents.
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IE Scripter
Adds a toolbar to the Internet Explorer, allowing you to write scripts that executes and manipulates the page's DHTML object model.
A goodie for web developers and testers.
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The StarDock IconPackager user-interface.
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NewsCounter connects to a USENET (news) server and retrieves a list of available newsgroups. It then allows you to get the number of postings in each group.
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A Pocket PC 2003 ActiveSync extension which refreshes MP3 files and playlists.
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RSS Sync
A Pocket PC 2003 ActiveSync extension which downloads RSS news and feeds.
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Routing in Seoul
Writing an offline map and routing service for traveling in South Korea.
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Script Studio
A remake of the Envox Studio application.
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Skinned UI
A mock-up project, which displays a skinned User Interface.
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Spam filter
Building your own e-mail spam filter.
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A Pocket PC 2003 ActiveSync extension which cycles your Today theme.
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Vista Photo Thing
A recreation of the Windows Vista Photo Gallery user-interface.
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WTL XP UI and Script
A sample project demonstrating my experimental WTL XP classes.
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An internet download utility. Downloads entire web pages or series of files.
Multi-threaded MFC project, which will download and parse web pages, downloading all images and documents referenced. Features many configurable options.
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WepMetering hooks right into the WinSOCK library of your Web browser and monitors all your internet activity.
To achieve this a custom DLL is injected into every process' address space and assembler instructions in the WinSOCK DLL are overwritten.
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XML OLE DB Provider
An OLE DB Provider allowing you to query XML documents with SQL.
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