Welcome contains my Windows C++ source code and code snippets for various programming libraries.


I have uploaded some of the old applications that I have made, but also many C++ classes, Windows Shell and COM components and helper classes from my library.

Most of the applications and controls come with ready to compile source code. You don't need to recompile the projects to test them as most of them come with the binary files as a separate download. The binary downloads do not depend on any 3rd-party libraries.

So take a look at the most recently changed files.
Explore the projects available. Or take a look on what is hot.

Almost all the source code use different run-time libraries, such as MFC, ATL and WTL. If you are not familiar with these, you should go ahead and study them, because they will help you jump-start the production of more advanced applications.
The WTL library used to be located on the Microsoft Platform SDK, but is now available at SourceForge.

Terms of use

This site contains complete applications, which are accompanied with full source code. You are free to do whatever you wish with it.
You may use and redistribute parts of the code freely for whatever purpose - but you are, however, not allowed to remove the copyright notice, which may exist at the top of the source code files.
Please read the copyright terms first.


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