ASCII Desktop

ASCII Desktop

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I'm not sure how usefull this tool is, but if you are one of those persons who thinks that life was easier in the old days - and this was back then when monitors only had one colour: green - then this tool might bring back that warm feeling.

This small utility displays your desktop as ASCII art. It is a live display so everything you do on the desktop is reflected on the ASCII art display.

Escape Press the ESCAPE key to exit the tool !

This is not a real display driver. In fact, the tool just creates a large animating window on top of your desktop. You do not have to install a device driver to run the tool. It is however a very CPU and memory hungry tool. It only runs on Windows 2000 or better.


It appears that in Windows 10, the tool is no longer working correctly.

Source Code Dependencies

Windows 2000 or XP
Microsoft WTL 7.5 Library

Download Files

DownloadASCII Desktop tool (8 Kb)
Source Code (14 Kb)